A new wave of AI-native security platforms

by Black Hat Middle East and Africa
A new wave of AI-native security platforms

In recent weeks, we’ve seen several new AI-powered cybersecurity platforms and tools launch into the market. This marks a new moment in the convergence of AI and security, as major players in the sector reveal the solutions they’ve been working on to help their customers stay ahead of the curve 

We’ve rounded up three of those newly launched tools to help you get your bearings as AI continues to reshape the future of cybersecurity. 

Cisco Hypershield

Cisco is poised to release Hypershield. It’s a completely software-based solution for protecting devices, applications and data across both private and public data centres, clouds, and physical storage locations.  

Its architecture acts as a series of ‘fences’ that allow security measures and enforcement to be positioned wherever they’re needed, and one of its three key pillars is AI. It’s AI-native, with autonomy and predictive behaviours baked into its architecture; designed to ‘manage itself’ so that its hyper-distributed approach to security can operate at scale. 

Cyware Quarterback

Simultaneously, Cyware announced the launch of Quarterback – an AI-powered interface that’s reportedly very simple to use, and enables Cyware’s network members and enterprise customers to leverage AI to perform actions across their security infrastructure with enhanced efficiency. 

Importantly, Cyware Quarterback is positioning itself as a solution to democratise AI – by enabling any organisation to add a layer of AI on top of its (often disparate) cybersecurity tools and operations, in order to help integrate those tools, make sense of the information they collect, and support decision-making.

The interface can execute investigation and threat hunting tasks, threat quarantine, case escalation, and more – across more than 400 IT and cybersecurity tools.

CrowdStrike Falcon XDR

This one’s not a new launch – but as an industry-leading AI-native platform, it deserves a spot here. Operated via a single unified platform, CrowdStrike Falcon XDR has the scope to synthesise telemetry from multiple sources into valuable attack insights and alerts that enable efficient threat detection, investigation and hunting – as well as threat response response. 

CrowdStrike recently announced a strategic partnership with India’s largest software services provider, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) – with plans to power up TCS’s XMDR services with Falcon XDR. This partnership is expected to result in a dramatic transformation of TCS’s Security Operations Centre that will prevent a large number of breaches. 

AI in the future of cybersecurity

These new-to-market platforms are evidence of the work that’s been going on behind-the-scenes to power up security products and services with AI technology. As we move forwards, these platforms – and others like them – will need to develop in close conjunction with the broader development of AI; it’s a fast-moving space where current models will date quickly. 

And this is where the heart of the challenge lies for AI-powered cybersecurity. Providers are competing in a rapidly developing space, and must keep pace with the market. And at the same time, they’re competing with developments in AI use by criminal groups; working under pressure to ensure that AI security stays ahead of AI threats.

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