The power of an online presence in cyber

Being a thought leader in the cybersecurity industry requires visibility, and social media is a powerful tool for achieving it. Though some may worry about maintaining professionalism online, it's possible to strike the right balance with guidance from experts.

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The rise of for-profit hacking

When it comes to cybersecurity, many assume that hackers are solely in it for the money. But would you believe that profit wasn't always their main agenda? Take a trip back in time and uncover the surprising truths about the evolving motives of hackers.

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You work in cybersecurity - but are you happy?

Is your cybersecurity career taking a toll on your mental health? It's a challenging industry with unique stressors that can take a toll on your well-being. But you're not alone. This newsletter delves into the important topic and offers valuable insights to help you prioritise your mental health.

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Free, unadulterated sharing

Knowledge is power, but shared knowledge is invaluable. As information security professionals, it's crucial that we collaborate and share intelligence with one another. By working together, we can strengthen our defenses and better protect our organisations against cyber threats.

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