Feeling primordial about cybersecurity

by Black Hat Middle East and Africa
Feeling primordial about cybersecurity

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🤩 This week we’re focused on…

The deep human need to be safe and protected.


Because this week we spoke to Colonel Gerard M. Acosta (Commander, US Defense Logistics Agency), and he used the word primordial:

“Cybersecurity is primordial in our daily setting.”

And then we remembered something Chris Roberts (CISO at Boom Supersonic, Researcher and Hacker) said at BHMEA22:

“We, cybersecurity, have one job. It’s the word ‘protect’.

So, is cybersecurity a new human need? 🤔

We all know the basic human needs: food, water, air, shelter. But our lives are changing. We’re living out more and more facets of our existence online – so we have a new need in our new digital world.

The need for protection 🛡️

We’re saying this for a reason.

We know, this sounds a bit abstract. But we’re really interested in how the cybersecurity industry can drive a shift in perspective that brings more people in – that makes more people feel like cybersecurity is relevant to them. And at the same time, we want cybersecurity professionals to look outwards to the rest of the world: to stay connected with the ultimate purpose of their work.

Because that’s what will motivate laypeople to get involved in cybersecurity initiatives, and it’s what will motivate cybersecurity experts to tune out from the noisy market and re-focus their attention on what’s really important.

Everyone needs to be safe online. Everyone needs a sense of security when they connect to a network and share their data. Everyone wants to be protected.

And cybersecurity people are exactly that: protectors

That’s it, right? You’re a protector. Yes, you might do exciting, dangerous stuff – hacking into networks, getting arrested. Or sure, you might have a responsibility to make sales and grow revenue – to build a profitable business in the market. But if you come back to what it means to be human, all of that is by-the-by.

What truly matters is that cybersecurity protects people. Not by being perfect or pretending it’s possible to stop a breach from ever happening; but by staying focused, supporting a growth in knowledge and skill worldwide, and mitigating the negative impact of cybercriminals whenever they strike.

💭 What do you think – is cybersecurity a human need of the future?

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Catch you next week,
Steve Durning
Exhibition Director

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