The rise of AI-powered security platforms

by Black Hat Middle East and Africa
The rise of AI-powered security platforms

As AI technology evolves, its impact on cybersecurity – both positive and negative – continues to grow. Now, the rise of AI-powered cybersecurity platforms is helping more organisations gain better visibility and control over their security environments; leveraging AI to enhance threat detection, automate responses, and deliver comprehensive and actionable security insights. 

A recent report from Market Growth Reports found that the global AI in cybersecurity market size was valued at USD $18019.5 million in 2022. It’s expected to grow at a CAGR of 34.58% from 2022-2028 – when it’ll reach $107078.85 million. 

We recently caught up with #BHMEA23 exhibitor Jamie Gallagher (Associate Vice President, Sales at Fortra), and he said: 

“We have been very strategic in building out our cybersecurity capabilities, with a view to bringing them together into a single point of management and visibility. This year we’ve built a platform, powered by AI, that combines security capabilities, shares threat intelligence, and automates processes for our customers.” 

Why are more cybersecurity firms building AI platforms? 

Because these platforms have a central role to play in revolutionising the security landscape, and giving organisations more clarity and autonomy in their security operations. AI can enable proactive threat prevention, real-time monitoring of the threat landscape, and the ability to achieve visibility over large numbers of endpoints. 

Well-known platforms using AI tech include (but certainly aren’t limited to) CrowdStrike, Vectra, Darktrace, and SentinelOne. They use AI and machine learning to support the integrity of systems – and empower organisations to identify, understand, and respond to cyber threats. 

The emergence of a growing number of AI security platforms reflects the fact that the cybersecurity industry as a whole is recognising the potential impact of AI on security operations – and cybersecurity firms that adopt or develop AI solutions are gaining a competitive edge. 

AI-driven cybersecurity innovators are an increasingly sought after investment in the venture capital space. According to data from Pitchbook, AI security startups raised approximately USD $130.7 million in the first three quarters of 2023 – exceeding the $122.2 million raised across all four quarters in 2022. And one in five of the new billion-dollar startups that have been added to the Crunchbase Unicorn Board this year were AI companies. 

AI can give customers what they want

AI-powered security solutions have an advantage in the market because they give their users a competitive edge. They give organisations the ability to minimise loss of profits, reputational damage, and loss of operating time as a result of cyber attacks that are identified and dealt with efficiently using AI.

And they also give organisations a sense of control, making it easier to manage a complex system of security tooling and network endpoints. 

As Gallagher put it, 

“Platforms add value because they remove the complexity of managing disparate security tools and optimise performance. This is important when customers are struggling with the sheer volume of security alerts they handle on a daily basis and have a shortage of skilled resources to manage them.” 

AI-powered cybersecurity platforms make security management easier for organisations, with or without dedicated internal cybersecurity teams. With increased visibility, rapid detection and response times, and the ability to distil complex data into actionable insights, these platforms allow companies to strengthen their overall security posture. And for that reason, it’s likely they’ll continue to be adopted across a wide range of industries. 

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