Fortra’s strategic approach to cybersecurity development

by Black Hat Middle East and Africa
Fortra’s strategic approach to cybersecurity development

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This week we’re focused on…📣

Strategic cybersecurity development, and the power of diversity to solve cybersecurity’s toughest challenges. 


Because we interviewed Jamie Gallagher (Associate Vice President, Sales at Fortra). Here’s what he told us. 🎙️

Could you tell us a little about the origin story of Fortra - why was the company founded, and what are the key problems it aims to solve? 

“Fortra was founded in 1982 and for a long time it was best known for its IBM i automation and cyber security solutions. Recently the company has grown its cybersecurity offering, bringing leading solutions – including Digital Guardian, Cobalt Strike, Outflank, Tripwire, and more – into one best-in-class portfolio. 

“With the breadth of solutions we offer, Fortra customers can create a stronger line of defence from a single provider. This helps them consolidate the number of vendors they work with, reduce risk, and simplify their operations.”

Could you share any key milestones has Fortra achieved over the last year or so?  

“It has been an exciting few years for Fortra. We have been very strategic in building out our cybersecurity capabilities, with a view to bringing them together into a single point of management and visibility. This year we’ve built a platform, powered by AI, that combines security capabilities, shares threat intelligence, and automates processes for our customers.  

“Platforms add value because they remove the complexity of managing disparate security tools and optimise performance. This is important when customers are struggling with the sheer volume of security alerts they handle on a daily basis and have a shortage of skilled resources to manage them.”

How do you work with customers to develop and deploy integrated solutions in an ever-changing threat landscape?  

“Everything we do here at Fortra is to help solve our customers’ cyber security challenges. The breadth of our portfolio means that we get to work with a wide cross section of CISOs from different industries. Our team of experts see challenges that are unique to specific industries and also gain a holistic view across the entire threat landscape. 

“This knowledge helps them develop solutions that keep our customers ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape. Our teams work with customers to ensure these solutions are seamlessly deployed and fully optimised.”

Why is diversity important to you/Fortra, and how does Fortra’s Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council influence those goals within the company? 

“It is important because we know that diverse teams are more productive. With Fortra on a mission to help solve our customers’ toughest security challenges, we recognise that a diverse and inclusive team is essential to achieving this goal. Our commitment is championed by the Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council of which I am a member. It’s our job to effect meaningful change throughout the organisation – change that will make us stronger and enable us to build more equitable communities.”

What's one thing you wish everyone knew about cybersecurity?  

“That security is everyone’s responsibility. Hardening security would be so much easier if everyone recognised their role in its ownership and had accountability. Everyone needs to play their part.”

Finally, why are events like Black Hat MEA important to you? 

“In today’s digital world there are fewer opportunities for face-to-face contact with customers. Industry events are invaluable for building relationships, meeting and listening to customers, and learning about new developments, challenges, and opportunities in the region. Saudi Arabia is an important growth area for Fortra and we’re excited to be participating.” 

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